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We decided to add an inground pool.

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We decided to add a pool to the house we were purchasing was in a home owners association development so there were approvals required by the board. The first thing we needed to do was remove some trees from the area we were planning on installing the pool. We got a few prices from the tree removal companies and some were quite expensive. I had price quotes in range from 5 hundred to 5 thousand per tree. I obviously went with the lowest price that had proof of insurance. The sales rep for the company we used lives in our development and I would use them again in the future.

We had a contractor for the pool installation already selected which was recommended from a family member. After the trees were removed the stumps had to be ground then the backhoes came in and started removing the soil from where the pool was going. Quite a bit of soil go removed, moved around and moved again in the regrading process. We decided to go with a larger cement deck patio surrounding the pool so we needed the cement trucks to be able to access the area.

It took a couple of days for the guys to assmeble the inground pool kit. Another couple of days to get the circulating hoses and wiring for the pool and outlets. We already had a 220 power source that was repurposed for the project. We added some GFI outlets to go along with the pool light and pump for the pool.

While the pool contractor was busy doing his work we had the fence installers there putting up a 5ft dog eared wood fence around the perimeter of the back yard. We had them leave 2 sections off the back side on the yard for the cement trucks to have access. We just screw them in when done and unscrew them to take it down.

They set up the styrofoam forms for the cement deck surrounding the pool and then poured the concrete patio. It took another day or so for the cement to cure completely. Once the cement was cured it was time to start filling the pool. It took a couple days for pool to fill. We called the water company in advance to get a reduced bill for not having waste water being charged for this one time fill.

We had a choice to go with a standard chlorine pool or a salt option. We chose the salt option and image is in the video. I can say that a salt solution pool was much better option. The chlorine pools leave a film on my skin and the salt doesn't leave any but actually makes my skin feel softer.

The guys then started to add the retaining wall blocks to divert any water that would be heading toward the pool. Even though we are near the top of our rolling hill the head rains still make a mess. We found out the hard way that we needed to keep the clay from washing into the pool. It took 3 days to not have a red clay pool.

We use an electric dolphin to vacuum the pool, which does a pretty good job if we could keep the clay out.

We were able to get use of the pool for most of that first summer. When it came time for us to close the pool we called the pool installer to help us close it for the first time and it is pretty easy. We decided to go with a solid cover versus one that would allow water to go through. The advantage is we wouldn't have to run the pool pump all winter where as the other cover we would be required to because dirt and water can get through. We would also have to buy chlorine because the salt option doesn't work under a certain temperature. Again the salt option was the right choice for us.

Early the next spring I installed a railing to go along the edge of the patio wall, widened the steps and installed hand rails for the steps. Our fear was someone would walk off the end of the patio which was about a 3 foot drop. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please subcribe for updates.

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