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Information based on our experiences.

Although everyone has their own specific set of circumstances and situations more information usually helps to make informed decisions. We will publish videos on many different topics based on challenges we faced and resolutions that worked for us

We have had many projects and situations where we chose an unconventional method to get the desired effect. In almost all situations we had one common denominator in that we had to take some additional time to understand some of the tips, tricks and obstacles. In some instances we were able to call in service professionals to guide us through the project and in other instances they became the obstacle that needed to be avoided completely

Keep in mind that everything on this website is information that applied to our situation and should not be taken as advice to your situation. A few of the finished projects are showcased in the video below. We added half bath, resided the house & sold the house without a seller agent.

More videos will come as there comes time to make them.

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half bath

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